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Put the brakes on bruxism with nightguards in Murrieta, CA.

Dr. Valerie Scola has taken a special interest in “occlusal disease,” which refers to problems with how the teeth fit together. Her understanding of the relationship between teeth and other oral structures is important; the American Sleep Association reports 10% of adults and 15% of children suffer from teeth-grinding. The cause of this common condition, known as bruxism, remains elusive. Yet, at Scola Family Dentistry, we know this much: Nightguards in Murrieta, CA, are customized to your mouth to ease the stress placed on your jaw from chronic teeth-grinding. These oral appliances also protect both natural and restored teeth from damage.

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The structural integrity of your teeth can be threatened, due to the excessive forces placed on them from persistent grinding and clenching behaviors. Dental damage isn’t the only complication. In fact, teeth that are worn due to bruxism can alter your occlusion, or the position of the teeth when your mouth is closed. Bite problems also join several other symptoms and complications of bruxism, from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction to headaches. Fortunately, with a dentist skilled in the treatment of bruxism nearby in the Temecula, Menifee, and Wildomar area, there is an easy, affordable, convenient, and effective way to prevent the multi-faceted side effects and consequences of this condition.

Wake up to the benefits of nightguards

During an examination, Dr. Scola or a member of her team may detect the telltale signs of bruxism, including worn enamel and chips. If we determine that nightguards can help you, impressions or models of your mouth are used to make your custom appliance. We do not cut corners on quality; nightguards and other oral appliances are fabricated from only the finest, most durable materials. They are designed to withstand the extreme force placed on them from teeth-grinding. Nightguards are easy to use and slip over your teeth, similarly to other oral devices such as aligners and whitening trays. Unlike the off-the-shelf nightguards that you can buy at the store or online, customized appliances are designed to:
● Precisely fit the contours of your teeth and gums. So, they provide the utmost protection to your teeth.● Comfortably hug your teeth. So, the guard doesn’t slip around or irritate the inside of the mouth. Uncomfortable oral devices are not worn.● Last when worn as directed and stored properly – Off-the-shelf products aren’t made from the same professional, durable materials that dentists like Dr. Scola use.

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