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Get your teeth back to their healthy glory with restorative dentistry in Murrieta, CA.

Like a classic car that is restored to its former glory, at Scola Family Dentistry, we can restore the appealing appearance of your smile. However, unlike elective treatments that are driven by cosmetic concerns, restorative dentistry in Murrieta, CA, at our office, renews your oral health for comfortable and pain-free function. There are many types of restorations that Dr. Valerie Scola may recommend to rebuild your smile.

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Our Restorative Services


Restorative Dentistry

More about restorative dentistry.

Your mouth may be graced with a combination of the following techniques, if we cannot effectively resolve early-stage decay or disease with hygiene modifications and products:

  • Dental materials that are prepared and shaped to replicate natural tooth structure

    The decayed or damaged areas of the tooth are removed and also shaped to “accept” the dental restoration. In this manner, restorations are used to rebuild existing natural teeth that have been marred by enamel erosion, cavities, infection, breakage, or other trauma. In these cases, there must be some healthy tooth structure, sufficient to support the rebuilt or restored tooth.
    Examples: dental bonding, porcelain veneers, composite resin fillings, inlays, partial crowns (onlays), full-coverage porcelain crowns

  • Dental materials that are used to recreate the entire crown or part of the tooth that is seen above the gumline

    These restorations are used to replace a tooth that cannot be “saved” with root canal therapy. When many or all teeth are missing or need to be extracted, dental systems replicate both the teeth and gum tissue. Modern tooth replacement options can also replicate the portion of teeth that cannot be seen: the roots. When healthy, these structures hold teeth securely in place. Dental implants represent a breakthrough in the way that replacement teeth are designed, as the cylindrical-shaped implant itself is placed in the jaw and becomes part of the surrounding bone. So, it can function like a natural tooth root. The replacement teeth are then connected to the implant. Patients have confidence that their bridges and dentures are not going anywhere.
    Examples: dental bridges, removable partial dentures, removable complete dentures, implant-retained bridges, implant-supported partial dentures, implant-retained complete dentures.

    Dr. Scola generally recommends the most conservative type of restoration that can effectively rebuild or replace the tooth. Extraction is always considered to be the last resort.

Dental Implants

Restore your smile with dental implants built like “real teeth” in Murrieta, CA.

From classic cars to vintage heirloom pieces that have stood the test of time, there is nothing quite like the “real thing” or “the original.” This same notion can be applied to our teeth. If in partnership with you, we cannot “save” your damaged natural teeth with restorations and root canal therapy, Scola Family Dentistry is pleased to offer a fine substitute: dental implants in Murrieta, CA, at our advanced, yet approachable, office.

  • Superior Tooth Replacement

    Dental bridges replace the part of the tooth that you see above the gumline, the crown. Conventional dentures are made with dental materials that are designed to replicate both crowns and gum tissue. The replacement tooth or pontic within a bridge system is held in place by neighboring “anchor” teeth or abutments. To optimally support the pontic, each abutment must be crowned.
    Due to the anatomical structure of the roof of the mouth, well-fitting upper dentures are held in place by natural suction. Because of the anatomy of the floor of the mouth, lower dentures often need a little support in the form of products such as adhesive creams, sheets, strips, and powders.
    Crowns, bridges, and dentures that are supported by implants do not need special products to stabilize them. Likewise, natural and healthy teeth in the mouth are preserved. There is no need to whittle down a portion of neighboring teeth to make room for crowns, as is the case for abutment teeth that hold pontics in place within a conventional bridge. Implant-supported teeth are designed like natural teeth that haven’t been marred by decay.

  • The Implant

    Shaped like a cylinder, dental implants are placed in the jaw. They are made from a biocompatible material that joins the surrounding bone as part of a natural process (“osseointegration”). Once the implant is integrated into the jawbone, it functions as a root to hold the tooth in place.

  • The Replacement Tooth

    Depending on your needs, implants may be used to support a single tooth, a few teeth, many teeth, or a mouthful of replacement teeth. Since these artificial teeth are held in place by implants in the jaw that function like natural tooth roots, you don’t have to worry about dentures that slip when you eat, laugh, or speak. Your new teeth aren’t going anywhere! Designed like natural teeth, you take care of implant-supported bridges with the typical consistent brushing, flossing, and visits to our office. No specialized floss threaders are needed to clean implant-supported bridges.

  • Benefits

    Notably, one of the greatest benefits of implant systems is their ability to keep your bone strong. Just like with your muscles, if you do not use the bone in your jaw (via functions such as grinding and mashing food), you lose it. Every time you chew food, the energy from that action is transferred through the tooth down into the jaw due to the connection between your artificial teeth and the implant. Conventional dentures and bridges do not have that “root” in the jawbone. So, they cannot transfer the energy required to keep your bone strong from the overlying tooth to the underlying jaw.

Composite Fillings

Composite, tooth-colored fillings in Murrieta, CA; for smiles that shine over the long haul.

Dr. Valerie Scola is fluent in both classic cars and dentistry. And at Scola Family Dentistry, we believe that restorations such as fillings should not only “shine” on the outside. But there should be no unpleasant surprises when looking “under the hood.” Composite fillings in Murrieta, CA, that are prepared, designed, and placed by Dr. Scola are aesthetically pleasing, preserve maximum natural tooth structure, and are durable. So, they are not just “beauties” in your smile; they are also highly functional and a healthy way to restore damaged teeth for the long haul.

  • Know Your Options

    Historically, the “go-to” option to fill in or treat areas of decay (cavities) was with a filling made from a mix of amalgams or metals. That filling was silver-hued. So, the silver color would be visible in your smile next to the natural white color of the surrounding teeth. Patients appreciate the cosmetic options that are available today. Composite fillings are made from dental resins that are designed to replicate natural tooth material. They are color-matched to the shade of the surrounding tooth structure. Dr. Scola is happy to discuss your options for treatment during a consultation at the Murrieta, CA office.

  • Rebuilt Teeth That Patients Love to Show off!

    The best-restored tooth is the one you never have to think about. You are not reminded of treatment every time you look in the mirror and see silver or gray areas. You do not have to hide your smile because you are not confident about the appearance of your dental work. Aside from the obvious cosmetic benefit and the fact that our patients smile, laugh, and speak confidently and freely, composite resin fillings are also:
    ● Conservative – All fillings require that areas of decay and damage be removed, and that natural tooth structure be shaped to accommodate the filling material. Generally, composite resin fillings require that less healthy natural tooth structure be removed than when placing fillings made from other materials, such as metals or amalgams.
    ● Durable – Due to the dental material itself, as well as the techniques that are used to bond or fix the filling in place, composite resin is considered to be a long-lasting type of restoration. The structural integrity of the reconstructed tooth depends, at least partly, on the amount of natural tissue that is removed to make room for the restoration. Composite fillings preserve natural tooth structure for lasting durability and the most natural appearance and feel in the mouth.

Porcelain Crowns

How Porcelain Crowns Can Restore Your Healthy Smile

We partner with you and your family. So, your smiles look their healthy best. After all, that is what “classic” dentistry is all about. But, should you ever need to repair a tooth damaged by decay, disease, or other trauma, you can have peace of mind that your restoration is in good hands with the team you already know and trust for preventive and general dentistry services. Here, Dr. Valerie Scola discusses when porcelain crowns in Murrieta, California, may be recommended and what to expect from your new, attractive, and durable teeth.

  • What Can a Crown Do for You?

    Dental crowns are highly versatile. They may be used to replace a large filling that is worn, damaged, or old. Teeth with large fillings are more vulnerable to complications, such as breakage. Crowns may also be recommended to resolve large areas of decay that cannot sufficiently be treated with fillings. A tooth is often crowned following root canal therapy and is the “finishing touch” following the placement of an implant. Crowns are also part of a conventional dental bridge; the teeth on either side of the replacement tooth (pontic) are crowned to hold the pontic in place adequately. Crowns may even be used to cover up misshapen teeth, though we can also discuss a range of more conservative options with you to correct cosmetic flaws.

  • How a Crown is Made and Placed

    The natural crown is the part of the tooth visible above the gumline. Artificial crowns are designed to replicate that visible, white part of the tooth. They are made from dental materials that resemble, feel, and function like natural tooth structures. Crowns (or “caps”) are shaped to fit precisely over natural tooth structure, almost the same way a crown or cap fits over a person’s head. After removing the decayed tissue, we make an impression of the tooth to be treated. We use an intraoral scanner and CAD/CAM technology to design and fabricate your crown in the office as you wait. Once the crown is ready, we will check that all looks and feels excellent before permanently “fixing” the crown.

  • Why Porcelain?

    Porcelain is coveted for many cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. It shares the same properties as natural tooth enamel, including how porcelain reflects light. Dental porcelain is durable and biocompatible. So, the material gets along well with surrounding tissues and does not pose risks of allergic reactions or other sensitivities.

    Regardless of the material used to make your crown, these restorations are designed to be cared for like natural teeth. They will serve you well for many years if you care for them with consistent brushing, flossing, a balanced diet, routine check-ups, and cleanings at our Murrieta, California office.

Dentures & Partial Dentures

Take a shine to Murrieta, CA, dentist’s well-fitting, natural-looking partial and complete dentures.

A classic car enthusiast, Dr. Valerie Scola, appreciates the special beauty that comes with wheels that have either been restored or were treated with tender loving care through the decades. With TLC, you can keep all of your natural teeth. Tooth loss isn’t a normal or natural part of aging. But we also know that new medical conditions and medications can present new challenges to oral health. We also appreciate that you never know what life has in store. Teeth can be lost to other types of trauma, not just tooth decay and gum disease. Dentures and partial dentures in Murrieta, CA, at Scola Family Dentistry, we offer peace of mind. A wide range of systems are available, and they are a far cry from the fake-looking, ill-fitting “false teeth” that have plagued earlier-generation systems.

  • Dentures that you will forget you are wearing!

    The best dentures are the ones that you don’t think about. Many of the common complaints associated with dentures are caused by poor fit. For instance, loose dentures that slide or shift around in your mouth when you eat, speak, or laugh. Likewise, dentures that don’t fit well tend to irritate the inside of the mouth and cause painful sores.
    In line with our approach of closely partnering with every patient, we meet with those who are considering dentures many times. We take planning very seriously to ensure that dentures are made to your exact specifications. So, you end up with the perfect fit that ensures the most comfortable and efficient function. Lots of planning upfront also guarantees that your dentures look natural and blend in flawlessly with the rest of your smile and facial features.
    It is important to remember that the fit of your dentures can also change over time. Dentures that formerly hugged the contours of your mouth like a glove may start to slide around. We avoid those problems by visiting with you regularly. During routine appointments, we will evaluate for denture fit. Depending on your needs, the denture may require relining, rebasing, or replacement. With conventional full (complete) dentures to replace all teeth and traditional partial dentures to replace several or many teeth, the bone in your jaws doesn’t get the stimulation it once did from behaviors such as chewing, grinding, and mashing food. This situation promotes the loss of the bone that supports your denture as well as overlying facial tissues. This process alters the fit of your denture and, accordingly, the clarity of your speech and chewing ability and comfort.

  • Dentures for your unique smile

    There are many factors to consider when deciding the best denture system for you. We may find that you would be happiest with dentures that are supported by dental implants placed in the jaw. These implants function like tooth roots. So, they hold your denture in place and help to support strong bone. We look forward to introducing you to today’s modern, natural dentures during a visit to our Murrieta, CA office, serving patients in Temecula, Menifee, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Sun City, Canyon Lake, and the surrounding areas.

Same-Day Crowns

Same-day crowns are changing the game.

We value our relationships with our patients highly. That is why we are always looking for dental solutions that are safe and effective, and convenient. We know it can be a real pain to schedule the time away from your busy life to come in for dental treatment. This is why Dr. Valerie Scola and our team here at Scola Family Dentistry in Murrieta, California, are excited to announce that we now offer same-day dental crowns. You no longer need to worry about scheduling multiple appointments when the need for a dental crown arises. Now you can be in and out with your dental crown in just a single, convenient visit to our office.

  • What do same-day crowns offer you?

    Same-day crowns offer many advantages:
    ● You no longer need to come in for multiple visits so that impressions can be taken and sent off to an off-site lab. You have the convenience of it being a single appointment procedure● No more temporary crowns! Dr. Scola will utilize state-of-the-art scanning technology that takes a digital impression of your mouth before sending it to our on-site machine, making the crown right in our office. You will not have a temporary crown for weeks before returning for your permanent crown.

  • Are same-day crowns just as good as traditional crowns?

    You may worry that a crown made the same day you visit could prove to be weaker or provide less durability than crowns created at an off-site lab — nothing could be further from the truth! Same-day crowns provide the same strength and durability as any crown made in the past at an off-site lab. We would never trade convenience for quality, which is why you can trust that a same-day dental crown will be just as strong and durable. You will love your new same-day crown.

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